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There’s nothing quite like a new year to inspire a fresh start. If you’re looking to revamp your home’s interior, a new coat of paint can instantly give your space a whole new feel. But with so many trending interior colors in 2024 to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to decide on the perfect shade. Luckily, Canyon Painters has the inside scoop on 2024 paint color trends, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to your next painting project. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something neutral or something with a dramatic pop of color, these trending paint colors are sure to revamp any home this year. 

How to Pick Interior Paint Colors

Before diving into the interior paint color trends of 2024, it’s important to first consider the basics of picking a paint color. While personal preference determines what paint color you’ll ultimately select in your own home, there are a few factors to consider, depending on your goals for the space. If you’re seeking to make a room appear larger, stark white on the ceiling is a great option. Our standard white is “extra white” from Sherwin Williams. On the flip side, darker colors can make larger spaces feel smaller and more intimate. It’s also important to keep paint finish in mind, as this can greatly affect the end look of the color. A satin finish on the ceiling will reflect light and make the ceilings feel taller. The industry standard is a satin finish on walls. This finish will also reflect light, have more durability, and create a smooth polished finish. For trim, doors, and cabinets our finish recommendation is semi gloss. Semi gloss will accent your trim, doors, and cabinets. It also provides more protection against the wear and tear that trim and doors so frequently receive. 

However, the most important thing to consider is how you want the space to feel. The psychology of color is very real (learn more about it here) and can make a huge impact in your home. If you want the space to feel more social and welcoming, opt for yellows, oranges, whites with warm hues, and even soft reds. If relaxation is instead the goal, blues, greys, light purples, and other Earth tones are ideal. 

“Persimmon” by HTV Home by Sherwin-Williams 

One of the best-trending paint colors for living rooms, “Persimmon” is a shade sure to brighten up any living space in an instant. A mixture of peach, orange, and other warm hues, this color is the perfect representation of a warm summer’s day. View swatches and learn more about “Persimmon” on the HGTV website

Benjamin Moore “Hazy Lilac” 

“Hazy Lilac” by Benjamin Moore is one of the best interior paint color trends for 2024, especially if “bold but not too bold” is your goal. A soft purple shade with soft grey hues, this shade is perfect for bedrooms, office spaces, and anywhere else you need a little calmness. View swatches and learn more about Benjamin Moore’s “Hazy Lilac” shade from the manufacturer

Behr “Cracked Pepper” 

Also known as “Behr Black Pepper,” this moody, sultry shade has been named the 2024 “Color of the Year” by several publications, including Better Homes and Gardens. A perfect mix between charcoal grey and black, this trending interior paint color is making splashes on accent walls, backsplashes and kitchen cabinets. View swatches and learn more about “Cracked Pepper” paint from Behr on the Behr website.

Contact Canyon Painters for Interior Painting 

It’s no secret that updating your home’s paint color can completely transform the look and feel of your living space. With the help of Canyon Painters, you can confidently make this change in the New Year, knowing that our team is some of the best to apply popular paint colors for Utah homes. Reach out to us for a quote on interior painting in Utah and let us bring vibrancy and life into your home through the power of paint!