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Wood Stain & Clear Coat

Experience the magic of stain as it breathes life into your new and raw wood surfaces. Stain changes the natural wood tones enhancing their natural beauty. It’s crucial to note that stain works its wonders best on fresh and raw wood. Attempting to re-stain surfaces with existing finishes requires a labor-intensive process, including stripping and sanding.

At Canyon Painters, we understand that the true longevity and durability, of your wood’s newfound allure lies in the clearcoat. Clear coating is equally, if not more, important than the stain itself. By maintaining a robust clearcoat, worries about stain durability become a thing of the past. If you observe your clearcoat starting to fade or dull, it signals the perfect time for a reapplication, ensuring your stain maintains its stunning appearance for years to come. Trust us to bring out the best in your wood, from the initial stain to the enduring protection of a resilient clearcoat.

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